Bubu and the little owls

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Bubu is a cute, curious and the sweetest owl who lives in the “Los Árboles” forest. She is a creative little owl who needs the discovery; she is always the first to suggest games, organizing adventures and ready to be the first one to test any possible result. Bubu is the oldest of her two siblings: Biel, just a few seconds younger, a faithful partner always creating new inventions and finding new items for his collection, and Bonnie the youngest of the family, is full of energy, inquisitive and speaks so fast that no one understands a word.

Core values: Positivity, Education, Family Values and Empathy.

  • Currently in 46 territories in Latin America.
  • Over 1 Million of items sold to date.
  • 50 Million people reached every month.

Bubu and the Little Owls debuted in 2017 in Latin America on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, PlayKids, TV Cultura and YouTube.

Genre: Adventure and Family Life.
Season 1: 26 episodes x 11 mins. to be released in mid-2018.
Season 2: 26 episodes x 11 mins. available by the end of 2019.


  • Primary: 0 – 5 Preschool
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