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CBeebies is a television network owned by the BBC for programming aimed at encouraging “learning through play in a consistently safe environment for children aged 6 and under.

CBeebies offers a mix of entertainment and educational output designed to learn and play – inspire creativity & imagination.. These goals are realized through a range of programmes about simple science, natural history, music and movement, storytelling, make up and make do, puzzle programmes and animation.. The channel’s schedule is deliberately the same every weekday, with a different schedule at weekends, so that children can know what is on instinctively.
Reaching more than 60 countries in 7 local languages.
Strong performance in multiple territories.
Two apps for iOS and Android ranked top 10 across 7 countries.

Must known programs are Sara & Duck, Hey Duggee, Andy´s Dinosaur Adventures.

Sara & Duck
Animation series that has Augmented Reallity Colouring App
Educational & safe
Kids love it and parents trust it and like it!

Hey Duggee
Duggee is a lovable cuddly big dog. He is the leader of the Squirrel Club – an adventure and activity group for small children.
It is a place to have fun, be energetic and most of all DO THINGS!, Duggee is in charge of EVERYTHING. He makes sure the squirrels are having fun, making friends, learning things, playing games and going on adventures. He is mostly very sensible, and always very kind.


  • Preschool 0 - 6 & Mom´s
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