Cut the Rope

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Cut the Rope is a phenomenally popular puzzle game for kids from 3 years of age, with a highly addictive mechanics: cut ropes and avoid obstacles, to deliver a candy to an adorable little monster Om Nom!
Om Nom is a candy-loving green little monster. He is cute, easy-going, cheerful, displays pure emotion and is beloved by people all around the world. The only thing he truly demands for is CANDY!

To the kid, Cut the Rope is a new-generation “toy”, with a (virtual) cherished pet – Om Nom.
To the parents, Cut the Rope is a trustworthy educational game for their kid (and a game they love playing, too!).

  • downloaded more than 750,000,000 times
  • played in 228 countries
  • installed on every smartphone

One of the most recognized mobile gaming brands in the world
Om Nom Stories: 29 episodes


  • Primary: boys & girls from 3 years and up
  • Secundary: Juniors & Adults
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