Plim Plim

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Educational animated series for children’s. Plim Plim, is a set of content for pre-schoolers inspired by human values and aims to stimulate the first positive habits.
Unique, generous, courageous and well-intentended are attributes that characterize this funny character.
His favorite phrase ¡Of course!
Transmits human values such as cooperation, solidarity, non violence, understanding, kindness, friendship, generosity, ecological attitude, helpfullness and responsibility.

  • 60 episodes of 7 mins (Full HD)
  • 23 episodes of 2:30 mins (Full HD)
  • 60 music videos (Full HD)
  • 7 instructional videos (Full HD)
  • 70 songs (fun mix of funk, soul, pop influence with circus)

It is a premium quality 2D animation. Currently airing on Televisa’s digital channel and Disney Junior across Latin America, Discovery and Netflix in more than 35 countries worldwide.


  • Pre-School
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