Tip the Mouse

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Tip the Mouse is a character created by the Italian Andrea Dami in 2003.

Tip is a little mouse with human look and attitude, aged approximately 3 and lives with mummy and daddy.

He goes to kindergarten, plays with kindergarten mate and friends, has a Granma and a Granpa and soon a little sister arrives. His temper is typical of the “terrible twos”, the child development stage which consists of kids often saying no and throwing tantrums:

Step1 – Often defiant, says «no» to any input/rule coming from parents: Tip doesn’t want to eat, doesn’t want to sleep, doesn´t want to go to kindergarten, to go to Grandparents, to have a sister, etc…

Step 2 – Temper tantrums and «no» are managed by parents and adults who relate with Tip with understanding, caring and explanation.

Step 3 – Tip gives up and accepts the rule/input and its «positive side», becomes happy and wears the rule-giver or the addressee of the tantrum out with cuddles.

  • It´s Sweet
  • Cuddlesome
  • Whimsical
  • Curious
  • Nice
  • Behaves just as small children do
  • Helps kids to cope with and understand changes, difficulties and new challenges in their life.

The TV Series project values:

In a tiny corner of a meadow, close to the world of humans, there is a small village. Right there, is a house made out of things we have lost or thrown away. Here lives a tiny, whimsical and funny mouse, along with his family. His name is Tip The Mouse. Here we witness all the fascinating adventures that each child faces while walking the extraordinary path to growing up.

Loved by preschoolers & highly accepted among parents
Everyday life themes as adventure
Special focus on the relathionship between mother and child
TV Series is sold in 20 different Countries around the world, in México casting on Disney Jr.


  • Preschool
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