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Wissper, a 7 year old girl born with the magical ability to whisper to animals. She has a loving connection to all creatures by using the magic Word, Sssshhh… She can transport herself to anywhere there is an animal in trouble.

Wissper is sweet, natured, except whe animals are behaving badly.

When she needs help, she can summon one of her eight animal Friends.

The core stories are adventurous and straight – forward. When an animal with a problem finds her she always offers to help. Joining the animal in its habitat, she examines the problem and then calls one of her animal Friends to help, using their own personalities and talents to solve the problem together.

Against these core stories, there is always something funny and unexpected happenng back home with the family and the neighbours. These are built more as incidentals but often tie in with the core stories. They are full of humor and have a clear appeal to wider audience.

A TV Series full of comedy and adventure, sold in to 80 territories around the world, they already have 2 seasons and season # 3 in production. It´s broadcasting in Discovery Kids.

In each episode, when Wissper needs a helper, she closes her eyes tight and whispers Sssh“ and sings a soft magical refrain that travels the world to the ears she needs! And those ears are the ears of her animal friends…

  • Gertie the Giraff
  • Peggy the Penguin
  • Kev the Crocodile
  • Dan the Pan
  • Stripes the Tiger
  • Monty the Meercat
  • Herbert the Shire Horse
  • Otis the Oxpecker Bird


  • Girls 4 – 7 years
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