Zombie Infection

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Zombie Infection

Year 2030, a strange virus has turned everyone into zombies. However, in some secret laboratory a mysterious character is looking for the cure… but this experiment has failed! Acid rain has turned the zombies into terrifying “ultra – zombies”!! Only a small group of zombies has not been hit by this rain.

Now they are the only ones who can find the cure and they need to find a way to keep together as a team to enhance their characteristics.

TV Shorts & Episodes coming soon
22 chapters of 11“ each and 10 mini shorts
The App, it is a very simple game to eliminate ultra – zombies. It is focused for children from 4 to 8 years, although more than one adult can become addicted.


  • Zombiff, is the natural leader of the group; very intelligent. As any zombie, he loves to eat brains, but it becomes an obsession for him, he uses technology and super sophisticated plans to get them. He’s a fan of taking selfies.
  • Raybolt, is Zombiff’s best friend and his right hand. He is the best and peaceful of the group, but when he gets angry he’s clearly a thunderstorm.
  • Wolfgang, he and Ye-Theeth are the wildest of zombie infection. Wolfgang is the only one who does not speak, but has sounds that only Ye-Teeth can understand. Obsessed with eating Jaime Bone because he thinks he’s a pile of bones.
  • Ye-Theeth, is incredibly strong! Fixes everything withn brute force. He’s a fan of ice cream and his favorite flavor “brain”. Friend of Wolfgang and his translator. Together they always leave a mess behind.
  • Jaime Bone, is the baddest in the group. He is manipulative and can not be trusted… He knows that he has to take care of Wolfgang and the traps that prepare him, although they are very obvious. Is lonely. He only has good relationship with Rocky.
  • BlueBlood, is the pessimist of the group. It has the ability to penetrate the walls, become a vampire and fly. He is obsessed with cleaning and order because he has a phobia of microbes and germs. Is always very aware of his appearance. But because he can not see himself in the mirrors he asks for advice from his friends all the time and that makes them very bored.
  • Braindage, He is the most intelligent of the group. Its thousands of years has provided him with a lot of knowledge. Inside his bandages he keeps all sorts of things: from tools to candies that taste as brains.
  • Rocky, is the son of a gargoyle and a well-known Rock Star. That’s why he’s a music lover, especially he loves Rock & Roll, and that ties him to Jaime Bone. It is the funniest and joker in the group. Although his jokes can often be very heavy.


  • Boys 4 to 8 years
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