01 Sales and Operations Planning

We support your brand in identifying business opportunities in Mexico, based on market positioning, brand identification, and purchase intent.

We will develop a short/medium-term bussiness plan, using several implementation stages and market penetration, according to each copyrighted material.

Once the business plan and implementation stages are agreed upon, we can offer sales forecasting for the next 12 months, taking into account the potential Licensees for each category.

Currently, we have hundreds of Licensees with potential interests in your brand. It will be our responsibility to present them with a winning licensing project.

02 Product Development

We will train new Licensees in the proper use of the brand; coordinating the product lines with other Licensees; using art guides, as well as providing creative guidance throughout product development and their packaging.

We review, approve (or suggest modification) every design stage of the product, its packaging, premiums, publicity campaigns, point of purchase or retail-related material. We offer a primary filter before the licensor's or final approval.

03 Marketing and Retail

We coordinate multi-category, hotspots, season, and promotional programs (among others) with any given country's main retailers, to support all of our Licensees in procuring a sales outlet throughout our various distribution channels.

Together with the Licensor, we will design a branding plan where the main objective will be to place the product in the consumers' minds, present it to a variety of retailers, implement activation strategies in social networks, design a PR plan that also includes celebrities, product promotionals, etc.

04 Finance and Operations

Before signing a licensing contract, we do a background check of the potential licensee's financial statements in order to achieve optimal credit referentials.

Upon agreement of all parties involved, we draft the licensing contract as well as gather all required signatures.

If requested by the client, we are able to receive the royalty reports directly, process them, and calculate the royalties.

BLEC also has the ability to issue digital tax receipts that are valid in Mexico, manage the collection effort with the licensee, and send the corresponding royalties to the licensor.

During a set period of time or upon finalizing a contract, we are able to audit the licensees, if required.

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