How does it works?

In technical terms it can be defined as the legal process through which the owner of a brand, image or any other copyrighted material (the Licensor), authorizes another company (the Licensee) the use of its brand in a certain product or service during a set period of time and in exchange for royalties.


Here at BLEC we go beyond technicalities, as we understand Licensing's potential in Branding by positioning it within the market, thus creating a bond between the final consumer and product.

There are many reasons for companies to take advantage of licensing:

Market Positioning

Mainly, improving the product's intended perception within the market, as most licensed images, characters, brands, logos and concepts are already positioned, as they have very specific attributes.

Differentiate from the Competition

Licensing can also be used to set your product apart from your competitors, achieve higher prices, enter new distribution channels, and communication campaign positioning.

The licensing of a trademark can increase a business' revenue significantly, while reinforcing the brand's main attributes, as well as promoting its exposure and reaching new customers. However, owning the license is not enough. Choosing the brand that best suits your audience is just as important.

To find the license that is best suited to your product, and firmly establish its name.

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